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Snowy Days {Newark Ohio, Photographer}

Sunday, February 9, 2014

More snow today in the good ol' Ohio! So we took advantage of God's Beauty and went out and played in the snow <3 Can't believe my Hali baby is 18 months old... Enjoy <3 Kassie

Letters to our Children- First Letter January 2014

Saturday, January 25, 2014

I saw something super awesome to me on another photog that I follow and wanted to do it too! We are writing one letter a month to our children. Here is my first post!

Dear Hali,

Today you are 18 months old, where oh where has this year and half gone? Everyday you amaze me. You are soo sweet, kind, caring and gentle. It truly makes me proud to be your mother. When I'm away I think about be back with you, tickling you and kissing your face until your mad. Those are my favorite things to do. At night I just want to wake you up and snuggle you and watch you sleep so peaceful because I miss you already!

I am so thankful for your gift of life. I tell your daddy all the time how lucky we are to have such a great baby girl. You are such a daddy's girl right now too. It's so cute how much you love him and cuddle him and get so excited when he comes home. He adores you, and you for sure have him wrapped around his finger! It's great!

You have grown sooo much and I have enjoyed every single stage of loving you. You are forever my baby, my sunshine, my best friend, my angel, and my rotten rotten little girl who will in no way cooperate for mommy to take her pictures. I still love you :), unconditionally because that's what mommies do. I will never ever stop loving you.

Love you today & Always,
Mommy <3

Jenzten is 6 months {Newark Ohio, Photographer}

Monday, January 6, 2014

I will say it over and over again I absolutely love it when I get to see my little KAP babies grow! I got to travel to Akron and do Jentzen's newborn pictures and last week Mom & Dad brought him to my studio for his 6 month. It amazing seeing how much they have changed and see their personality start to shine